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Discover the economic development resources of Austin Minnesota!

dca, new worker looking to help Hormel institute commercialize its findings

Judy K. Lundy has been hired as the Commercialization/Innovation (CI) Coordinator to help local researchers at The Hormel Institute develop discoveries and ideas into patentable products or processes. Her position is contracted through the Austin Community Growth Ventures (ACGV) organization, a new 501c3 organization established by the Development Corporation of Austin and funded by the Hormel Foundation.


Terry Schmidt, owner of Austin Windshield Plus, utilized the free services and expertise of the Small Business Development Center  (SBDC) - Austin to help evaluate his business goals and rebrand his company.

council  oks plan to 'grow austin'

The Austin City Council is behind a plan to make Austin standout when it comes to attracting businesses and helping existing business grow.

U of M donates to Hormel Institute's Live Learning

$1.5 million donation toward establishing Live Learning Center to enhance global scientific collaborations and accelerate cancer research.

Austin selected a top Midwest small town

Austin was 5th on realtor.com's list of affordable small towns where you would really want to live.

Rochester, Austin on Leading Edge of Development

It’s seen as the development opportunity of the future … and Rochester and Austin have a leg up.

Did you know:
The Austin Artworks Festival is an annual celebration of the arts that features visual, performing, media and literary artists with ties to the Austin region. Held each year in August, a large outdoor concert highlights the event.