Why Austin?

Austin prides itself on having the characteristics of a small town, but also the industry and amenities of a much larger community. In fact, you would be hard-pressed to find a rural community with as much to offer a business or family as Austin, Minnesota.

Growth Industries  Austin is home to an innovative, Fortune 500 Food Company, a world-class cancer research center and some of the most robust agricultural production in grain and livestock in Minnesota and the US.

Quality of Life  Ongoing investment by the community and The Hormel Foundation has created an almost jaw-dropping array of community amenities in Austin.

The Austin Community Recreation Center (pictured at right, opening February 2020) is a beautiful, new $35 million community resource with first-class programs, facilities and equipment.

The new MacPhail Center for the Arts is the only non-metro Minnesota location of the arts and education leader. The $8 million facility will open also open in 2020 and serve schools and community members. 

Workforce  Riverland Community College, a growing part of the Minnesota State College/University system, has its main campus in Austin. 

Training and degree programs to the support needs of local industry are bolstered by the Austin Assurance Scholarship program which ensures a two-year degree or training certification at no cost to local high school graduates. 

Agricultural and Food Science program cluster at Riverland prepares students to step into quality, high demand local jobs.

Location Austin is ideally situated along Interstate 90 and U.S. Highway 218 in southeast Minnesota. Austin is: 

  • 20 minutes from Interstate 35. 
  • 45 miles from Rochester.
  • Less than 100 miles from downtown Minneapolis.  

Rochester International Airport offers daily flights to Minneapolis, Chicago, Denver and Atlanta.

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